1. Returns Policy

We will accept your returns if we sent you the wrong items, if the item is faulty or doesn’t fit, or if you change your mind.
a. When can you return the item?
i. On delivery
ii. Within 3 days of purchasing from us.
b. What can I return?
i. All the items purchased from us.
c. In what condition should they be for me to return?
i. In all cases, do ensure the items are sealed in their original packaging and must show no signs of having being used.
ii. The items must also not be damaged in any way.

d. How can I reach you if I want to return an item?
i. Call us on +254 706 588 482 or +254 738 588 482.
ii. Email customercare@sportonsolutions.com
iii. Quote the receipt number
e. What is the returns process?
i. After you contact us, we will arrange for collection of the item.
ii. Please ensure that the items are sealed, and in original packaging.
iii. We shall ask you to fill out the RETURNS & EXCHANGE form.
iv. The items will be returned to our warehouse and there we will assess the conditions of the items returned. If all is ok, we shall replace the item or issue you with a voucher of equivalent value.
f. Who pays for the return?
i. We will issue you with a voucher for the full value unless the reason for replacement is change of mind, or replacement as per your instructions. In which case we will deduct delivery charges.
g. Will you refund me cash?
i. We will replace the product or issue you with a voucher of equivalent value. Delivery charges will be deducted where applicable.

2. Exchanges and Replacements

You can exchange an item by reaching us via our Facebook page, email, twitter, or by calling us.
The exchange item meets the other eligibility criteria listed below

Exchanges for a Different Size or Color
This option is available for replicas, t-shirts, and other apparel that has a size or color variation. The exchange item must be:
a) A different size or color than the return item
b) Shipped and sold by Impala Saracens Store / Sport-On Solutions.

Exchanges for an Item in Your Cart
This option isn’t restricted to specific product categories. The exchange item must be:
a) Shipped and sold by Impala Saracens Store / Sport-On Solutions.
b) Not identical to the item being returned